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1) Deluxe Paper Parchment Paper does NOT require special Passover certification.


2) Pure white granulated sugar does not need a Hechsher for Pesach


3) Brown sugar DOES require Pesach certification. (As per the COR, the Red Path brand is ok to use even without special Passover certification.)


4) Yes, Tropicana Orange Juice is Kosher for Passover, provided the OKP letters are ink-jetted on the top tab.


5) Styrofoam and plastic plates and cups are acceptable without Passover certification.


6) Stevia requires Pesach certification


7) E-Cigarette Juice requires pesach certification


8) For Pesach, rubber bands for braces should be rinsed before being used


9)Tasters Choice and Folgers Regular  Instant Coffee Does NOT Require special Passover Certification.


10)  Cartons of Eggs are Acceptable without Passover certification.


11) Dried Fruits Require special Passover Certification.


12) Fresh fish doesn’t  require Passover certification. Processed fish DOES require certification.


13) All Marvid Poultry whether raw, fresh or Frozen in it’s original packaging is acceptable without special Passover Certification.


14) Lemon Juice DOES require special Passover Certification. Although the Brand RealLemon Lemon Juice which bears an OU is acceptable even without a special Passover certification.


15) Unsupervised frozen fruit and vegetables are NOT permitted without Passover certification.


16) Decaffeinated coffees and teas require special for Passover certification due to the process used to produce these products. However, we are happy to confirm that Folgers decaf is acceptable to use even without Passover Certification.


17) Nuts which have not been processed, roasted, and which have not had any ingredients added to them and are sold raw, do not require Passover certification (as long as there is no BHA and BHT preservatives) pecans however DO require Passover supervision.


18) Although consumers naturally assume that there are no additives in maple syrup, this is not the case. Indeed, all year round, maple syrup would require a reliable Kosher certification. For Passover, a special Passover supervision for this product is necessary. Products such as antifoams, are added to the maple syrup, which must be Kosher and certainly must be Kosher for Passover


19) Since we use toothpaste orally, it should be chametz free.


20) Unflavored  Water without any additives is Kosher For Passover use even without Passover certification.


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