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In January 2017, the depths of winter, an experienced, saavy, passionate young woman took the reins of what was known as Sprinklz on Queen Mary and reopened the establishment under the name of Gleedaz.


Jessica Assaraf is no stranger to that location. She spent a few years as the right-hand person of the previous owner, Leah Dray. She knows every corner of the store and is familiar with all the products sold. So, when she found out the store was for sale, she realized that she would certainly be able to manage it and, at twenty-two years old, is the new owner.


Jessica is of the millennia generation and looks for new, exciting and cutting edge ideas. The adage goes, if you seek something, most likely you will find it. Which is exactly what happened to Jessica.


Of course, Gleedaz has soft frozen yogurt (fat free, gluten free and nut free), the staple of their business. But along with that, Jessica has introduced soft ice cream (pareve, vegan and cholov Israel), smaller containers and, the oft requested cones for kids. Her menu doesn’t end with these two products. She offers smoothies, crepes, Belgian waffles, lattes, cappuccino and milk shakes. The toppings are greatly improved as Jessica listened to what people were asking for.


Now hold on to your chair because Jessica found a product that is off the charts. It’s called Ice Cream Rolled and it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen or tasted. Ever.


On a freezing cold surface, liquid ice cream is mixed with the topping of your choice, such as crushed cookies or fruit. The topping is then blended together quickly with the liquid ice cream Because the surface is freezing cold, the mixture quickly turns to what appears to be dough but is in fact ice cream. It is smoothed until paper thin, then cut and rolled into large curls and placed in a cup. You can drizzle caramel or chocolate sauce over it and you are now holding what looks like a cup filled with cannoli’s.


Age is not a barrier to being an entrepreneur, which Jessica is. Gleedaz has already made its mark in the city at corporate offices and parties. Using their new, flashy and fun mobile bar, she can bring your event to another level. Schools, camps, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, sweet sixteens and birthday parties are all using Gleedaz. You can hire her to come to your event or make your party in the store.


Oh yes, what’s with the name? Gleeda is Hebrew for ice cream. Jessica added the z at the end, ergo – Gleedaz.


You can reach Jessica at the store, 5328 Queen Mary, via email ( or the old-fashioned way by phone 514.379.4379 or 438-889-3453. Store hours are Monday thru Thursday, 3:00 – 10:00 pm, Saturday night, one and a half hours after Shabbos and Sunday 1:00 – 10:00 pm.


Look out for the LED lights around the balcony that will be your guide to one of Montreal’s best kosher establishments.

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