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Ice Bombs South Africa now MK Kosher Certified

New certifications | September 29th, 2022

The South African kosher market is excited by MK Kosher’s announcment that Ice Bombs Fruit Lollys made in South Africa is now a proud new member of the MK Kosher certified family! Ice Bombs Ice Lollies are made from real fruit and come in six exciting flavours: strawberry, mango, litchi, granadilla, lemon, and pineapple. “When…

Without a Trace Foods now MK Kosher certified

New certifications | May 17th, 2022

Without a Trace Foods, Washington State Brooke grew up with severe food allergies and watched her mom suffer from allergic reactions. Brooke remembers living with fear and the burden of having to keep herself safe from a young age. One of Brookes memories are of her being on the verge of tears so many times…

Fosters Foods & Columbia Valley Farms now MK Kosher Certified

New certifications | May 11th, 2022

Kevin and Bryan Lynch are brothers from Pasco, Washington State. Over 35 years ago, the Lynch brothers opened their doors to the now-famous Columbia Valley Family Farms. From the farm grew Foster’s Pickled Products, offering customers across North America the most incredible line of pickled vegetables. Fosters Pickled products can be found across the United…