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‘Brad’s Plant Based’ Foods: Snacking With Purpose

Kosher | December 29th, 2020

At Brad’s Plant Based, passion and purpose are at the heart of everything the company strives to deliver. The CEO of Brad’s Plant Based, Arthur Pergament, discovered his passion to bring plant-based snacking options in the consumer space due to an encounter that would forever change his life. While he was jogging one afternoon in…

6 Questions for Rabbi Mani Dienna, Kosher Inspector at MK

Articles of Interest, Kosher | December 14th, 2020

What led you to become a Kosher inspector ? This is a very interesting question. I probably came to Kosher supervision from a different perspective and background than most Mashgichim (Kosher supervisors). I live in Toronto and I was originally involved in the business world. I owned and operated a large medical laboratory and a chain…