• Tue, February 28, 2017
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Chanuka Dinner for Geirim takes place at Shomrim Laboker

The annual dinner for those who have been through the Beth Din of Montreals Geirus program took place at Shomrim Laboker Shul on the 4th night of Chanuka. This annual event was attended by members of the Rabbonim of the Beth Din for Geirus of the Montreal Beth Din and this year was no different, as Rabbi Merling, Rabbi Rosner and Rabbi Chriqui were all in attendance.


Those who had experienced the path to being true Torah Jews, relayed their experiences and travels through the challenging road which they had taken and expressed their gratitude at having had the opportunity to be part of this world-class Geirus program. The support that they had received from the families in the community who assisted them, played a big part in their commitment.


Under the lights of the Menorah, those who attended were strengthened by the personal stories which were told by the candidates. The Beth Din of Montreal continues to give followup lessons to those who have been through the program throughout the year.


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