• Thu, February 23, 2017
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Annual Ruth Institute Dinner takes Place at Shomrim Laboker

The Shomrim Laboker synagogue situated at 6410 Westbury hosted the Ruth Institute Annual Geirus dinner, which took place on the first night of Chanukah. Various members of the community who had previously gone through the conversion process were in attendance at this lavishly catered affair. Rabbi Chriqui, a member of the Beth Din for Geirus in Montreal praised the dedication of the teachers in the program for all their efforts and the assistance which they extend to the people navigating the conversion process, which often lengthy and tedious.

In his opening remarks, Rabbi Saul Emanuel voiced the pleasure that the Jewish Community Council of Montreal had in having the Ruth Institute under their auspices. Known around the world for a wonderful Geirus program and accepted by Batei Din the world over, including by the chief Rabbanite of Israel, the Ruth Institute Geirus program is one that we could be very proud of.

Various converts took the microphone and relayed their stories of how they had gone through the process and the experiences they had. In a riveting address, a doctor who had grown up Jewish, informed those that attended that he had become more observant thanks to the efforts of his wife who converted through the program.

Rabbi Rosner, another member of the Beth Din for Geirus of Montreal, quoted the words of our King David in Psalms, “Karov Hashem lechol Korav, Velechol Asher Yikriahu B’emes”, Hashem is close to all those who call out, to all who call out in truth. Rabbi Rosner explained that when one is true and calls out in truth, with true dedication to Hashem and to his Torah and Mitzvos, we are assured that Hashem brings us close to him, takes us under his wings and answers our prayers. Going through such a program, says Rabbi Rosner, requires people to be honest and true to themselves, and that is the Emes , the truth that Hashem is looking for.

Various members of the presidium of the Jewish Community Council as well as members of staff of the Vaad were present, applauding all those involved in this wonderful program, the Ruth Institute conversion program.


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