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“With the appointment of Rabbi Pinto as our Rabbinical Coordinator & Training Facilitator, MK is taking another important step in cementing our position as the leader in kashruth in Canada and for that matter North America,” explains Rabbi Saul Emanuel.

Working together with MK Rabbanim and office staff, Rabbi Pinto drafted Montreal’s first bilingual Mashgiach Manual. This will serve as the uniform guide for all of MK’s over one hundred and twenty mashgichim.

“I will be offering classes on the guide,” says Rabbi Pinto. “Courses will be divided based on language and whether Mashgiach works in a restaurant, factory or institution. The Mashgichim will have the opportunity to hone their skills and ask questions they may have which have evolved over the course of their employment.”

Along with his other skills, Rabbi Pinto is an expert on Teloim (bugs) and spends much time in the MK lab checking different seasonal fruits and vegetables to ascertain which are acceptable for each season. He will be visiting MK bakeries and food establishments to work with both the mashgichim on site and the company, ensuring the highly acclaimed MK requirements are met and in place.

Rabbi Pinto was born in Israel and moved to Montreal with his family in 1986. He was educated in College Hillel, later continuing on to Yeshiva in Morristown, New Jersey. His final year of yeshiva was spent in Israel at Yeshiva ‘Shuva Yisrael’. He received his rabbinical ordination (semicha) from Kollel Or Yaakov in Rechovot Israel where he continued learning for three years.

Rabbi Pinto is a much beloved teacher in Montreal, giving weekly classes at the Montreal Torah Center on topics ranging from the weekly Torah portion (parsha) to Jewish holidays and interpersonal relationships. Last year Rabbi Pinto launched a very successful series on Shalom Bayit – Peace in the Home for women. He also teaches at Congregation Nahar Chalom giving classes for college and university students.

“I look forward to working closely with Rabbi Saul Emanuel, Rabbi Perez Jaffe, Rabbi Weiss and all the Rabbanim of MK,” states Rabbi Pinto. “We share a common commitment to constantly upgrading the principles, guidelines and work practices associated with our mashgichim.”

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