• Tue, February 28, 2017
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President of the OU meets with Members of the MK

Stephen Savitsky, President of the Orthodox Union, has arrived for Shabbat in Montreal, and his first stop was at the Vaad Ha’Ir. Mr. Savitsky met with Rabbi Emanuel to discuss matters of mutual concern regarding Kashrus, as well as inquire about the workings of our community. At the same time, there was a reaffirmation of keeping the earlier commitment made between the OU and the MK to work together and keep strong ties from across the border. Mr. Savitsky also met with Mr. Alan Katznelson, a member of the Vaad’s Presidium. They, too, discussed how the Montreal community could be assisted and cultivated in an affective and lasting way. Mr. Savitsky is in town to speak at various synagogues and an NCSY group on behalf of the OU, the kick-off visit for the Canadian side of his “Presidential Tour of Jewish communities across North America.” (OU website)


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