• Tue, February 28, 2017
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Vaad Commences Training Course for Nikur (Deveining)

fish Due to growing demand for meat and the opening of a new facility for wholesale meat in Montreal, the Vaad Ha'ir has commenced a training course for those interested in becoming trained Mashgichim and learning the art of Nikur (deveining). Nikur is a special skill, and those who qualify in this position, are not in the same category as a regular Mashgiach. Nikur, which means purging or deveining, means cutting out the forbidden fats and veins which one is not allowed to eat in Jewish law. Only the forequarter of the animal is used for Kosher production, due to the difficulty involved in removing the forbidden fats in the hind quarter.

With a serious shortage of qualified Mashgichim who are able to carry out this special art of Nikur, Rabbi Avraham Juravel, from the Orthodox Union, is in Montreal, demonstrating to approximately 25 participants, how one goes about carrying out the deveining process on the animal. This is the first time that the Jewish Community Council of Montreal has embarked on a NIkur training course. Similar to medical practice, the Mashgiach is required to know the anatomy of the animal. The course lasts approximately 3 months, whereafter the potential Mashgichim are required to take a written and practical exam regarding Nikur (deveining). They are then qualified to oversee production of meat, at any meat facility, bearing MK Kosher certification.


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