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Grandma Emily: Taste Explosion

New certifications | May 1st, 2018

You decided to eat a healthy breakfast so you put some yogurt into a bowl and sprinkle it with Grandma Emily’s Almond Vanilla Super Crunch Granola. Just as you sit down the doorbell rings. After a lengthy conversation, you go back to your breakfast, thinking that the granola will now be one big mush with…

Koukla: A Perfect Blend of Taste & Nutrition

Articles of Interest | April 30th, 2018

Evelyn Jerassy is a lawyer by profession. She’s also the owner of Koukla Delights, which is gluten-free, certified organic, under MK – Canada’s Kosher Certifier, paleo and dairy-free. Her Jewish roots were the propellant to ensuring her company was kosher from the get-go.  During our conversation, she recounted how the competent and knowledgeable office staff…

A Taste of Mexico: Los Cantores Tortilla Chips

New certifications | April 27th, 2018

Who has not dipped a tortilla chip into a yummy bowl of guacamole? Delish. Ever wonder how they make those chips? Wonder no more. You may think that to make a tortilla chip you need corn kernels. Not quite. Tortilla chips, as made by Los Cantores (Mexican Corn Products Inc) masters of all chips Mexican,…

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