• Tue, February 28, 2017
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Loblaw’s hosts Pesach Seminar

In preparation for Pesach 5770, the Loblaw’s group who have made much effort to satisfy the needs of Kosher consumers hosted a seminar at their St. Croix branch for their Managers and Heads of specialized departments. In attendance were various Mashgichim (Kosher Supervisors) employed by the Jewish Community Council of Montreal, who are responsible for all aspects of Kashrus at the various Kosher departments of Loblaws.


During the Seminar, Rabbi Saul Emanuel, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Council of Montreal explained to the attendees the meaning of Pesach and the sensitivity of the products used during Pesach as well as the extra stringent controls required for these items.


Special emphasis was put on the need to control the display of Passover products ensuring that consumers clearly see which aisles are dedicated to Passover products. Discussions also took place with regard to those who eat Kitniyot and those who do not. A question and answer session followed, when attendees were able to pose questions pertaining to Kosher. Discussions took place with regard to Kosher meat and the production of all year-round products.


The Vaad will provide additional Kosher inspectors who will work closely with the managers of the Kosher supermarket departments, to ensure that all Pesach products on display are clearly marked as Kosher for Passover.


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