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After trying all kinds of different recipes, spending hours combining ingredients, fruits and vegetables, testing and tasting, Peter Klein and his partners took a leap of faith and opened their Juspur on Bernard in Montreal in 2014. Today the juice bar is flourishing, and their drinks are sold  over the island of Montreal, in Laval, and on the North and South shores. Their next ‘stop’ is Ontario and then onto the vast United States market.

What’s in a Juspur?

All of Juspur’s juices are 100% organic certified and kosher. When purchasing produce, they do their utmost to buy local, supporting farmers in the area.

When Juspur began, they started out selling six basic flavors: 2 greens, 2 reds and 2 citrus styles. Now the sky is the limit. Included in the product line-up is homemade, non-dairy almond milk made from the freshest almonds. Right now their most popular flavor is R3 made from oranges, turmeric and carrots. Their R3 juice was featured in Air Canada’s magazine entitled En Route.

“And are drinks have health benefits as well,” explains Peter Klein. “Booster Shots, for example, are a hot item. Consisting of ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper, they are great for digestion. Their E3 Green and Blue drinks are fantastic for concentration and focusing.”

Each juice is good for a different part of the body, and Juspur’s professional staff is able to explain both the juices and their benefits. For example, some help relax you while others are good for muscle tone.

Cleansing is popular these days, and Juspur has a package for those who want a few days to give their system a rest.

Low in iron? Lacking Vitamin C? Lactose intolerant? Crohns disease? Juspur Could be part of the answer!

Juspur Kosher

The savvy Juspur owners, always aware of the massive kosher market, made sure to obtain their kosher certification quickly. “The transition was not only seamless, but also pleasant.

The efficient and experienced staff at MK guided us in finding and developing products that were commercially viable and healthy while also being kosher and organic. They made securing a kosher certification painless and quick,” says Peter Klein.

Juices Are Not Just for the Gym

Lest you think juices are geared to gym ‘rats’, think again. Juspur distributes to stores, sport centers, sushi bars, yes, gyms and, of late, the airport in Montreal. Getting our product into the airport was important as everyone knows healthy food choices are few and far between when traveling,” notes Mike Ursine, the chef behind Juspur.


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