• Tue, February 28, 2017
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Rabbi Binyomin Gruber visits with Vaad Harabbonim of Montreal

The well-known Baal Hamachshir, Rabbi Binyomin Gruber from New York, visited Montreal Wednesday December 23rd and joined the Vaad Harabbonim for their weekly meeting. Many topics were discussed including the Kashrus of Kosher fish, production of baked products, Shechita, and many other common issues. Rabbi Gruber gave over his expertise and shared his experiences with the Vaad Harabbonim as to the certification of Kosher fish products and the controls used therein.


On being questioned about his meeting with the Vaad Harabbonim, Rabbi Gruber mentioned the uniqueness of the Montreal community where representatives of the entire community meet together to discuss issues of common interest, which in turn, benefits the entire community of Montreal. “This is something not common,” said Rabbi Gruber, “and it is great to have such an asset.”


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