• Thu, February 23, 2017
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Geirus / Conversions

The Ruth Institute is responsible for Orthodox conversions carried out in Montreal. Candidates are interviewed by the Beth Din on an ongoing basis, who monitor the progress of the individuals going through the conversion program. Special classes are held with dedicated teachers who are always available to assist those with a total commitment to living a full Jewish life, and as they integrate into becoming observant Jews. The Beth Din responsible for conversion carefully screens all applicants to ensure their total sincerity to the Jewish way of life.


The Rabbis making up the Beth Din of Geirus for the Ruth Institute, are: Rabbi S. Chriqui, Rabbi Y. Rosner and Rabbi D. Merling, under the guidance of the Av Beth Din, Rabbi Yonasan Binyomin Weiss.


For further information pertaining to this program please contact the office at (514) 739-6363 to set up appointments with total confidentiality for the interest of all parties.





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