• Tue, February 28, 2017
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Leading Educator from Israel Visits Montreal

easyIn a first time historic visit, Rabbi Yaakov Addess, the Rosh Yeshiva of Kol Yaakov in Bayt Vegan, Jerusalem, Israel, visited Montreal, promoting Jewish education. Rabbi Addess, who stems from a long lineage of prestigious Rabbis, educationalists, and Kabbalists, experienced a whirlwind tour of the Montreal Jewish community. During his short visit to the offices of the Jewish Community Council of Montreal, Rabbi Addess met with the entire Vaad Harabbonim of Montreal and explained how we, as individuals, are able to influence others by constantly speaking in a gentle manner and encouraging all members of the community to follow the right path, the path of Torah. Hundreds of students who have passed through the doors of the Yeshiva and fondly recollect the great experience they had under the leadership of Rabbi Addess, of his kind and gentle demeanor, which influences remain with them. During his welcome, Rabbi Sabbah, the Chief Rabbi of the Grand Rabbinat du Quebec, reported how only a day earlier he had heard Rabbi Addess speak to a group of individuals who were mesmerized by his words and his warmth. The positive encouragement given by Rabbi Addess was well received by all those who came into contact with him and he encouraged the leaders of Montreal to pass on the message of positivity and of what it means to be a mentch, to future generations.

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