• Thu, February 23, 2017
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Dinei Torah / Arbitration

PLEASE NOTE: Members of the Montreal Beth Din are listed below:


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The Beth Din of Montreal consists of well experienced Rabbis and Rabbinical judges in the field of Beth Din matters, which include commercial disputes related to partnerships, corporate disputes and employment disputes. In addition issues resulting in congregational issues, businesses, contracts, inheritance and child support are also adjudicated. It has earned an international reputation for integrity , competence, and fairness. It is a forum which acts in a professional, efficient and user-friendly manner.


According to Jewish law, parties may not take their cases to a secular court and must have their cases adjudicated only by a Beth Din. An arbitration agreement is entered into signed by both parities, prior to the Beth Din hearing taking place. Either party is entitled to have representation legal or otherwise. All members of the community may use the services of the Beth Din of Montreal. Adjudication of financial disputes pertaining to divorce proceedings take place.


The fees for the service are as follows:


Summons being sent to a party calling them to a Din Torah costs $150.00. The fee for an injunction prior to a Din Torah hearing is $150.00. Each party pays $300.00 for the Din Torah hearing. After 2 hours the parties pay $150.00 per hour each. 3 Dayanim (Rabbinical judges) are present during the entire hearing and will issue the written psak/judgement after the Din Torah has taken place.


Members of the Montreal Beth Din


  • Av Beth Din: Rabbi Yonasan Binyomin Weiss.
  • Dayan Dovid Refoel Banon (Dayan of the Lubavitch & Kehila Sepharadi).
  • Dayan Berl Bell (Dayan of Kehilas Lubavitch).
  • Dayan Hershel Kaufman.
  • Dayan Wolfe Ber Lerner (Belzer Dayan).
  • Dayan Yoel Chonon Wenger.
  • Dayan Aryeh Posen.

For Din Torah arrangements please contact Mrs. Junger at (514) 739-6363



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