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Kashering Service! This Wednesday!

Community | April 2nd, 2017

Once again, Canada’s Kosher Certifier will be having a Kashering service for the public, this Wednesday in the back parking lot of our headquarters. The Kashering procedure will be overseen by the Vaad Ha’Rabbonim. Preparation for Kashering is very important. Be sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the necessary preparations. Before coming to Canada’s Kosher Certifier…

At Your Service!

Community | March 31st, 2017

As always Canada’s Kosher Certifier is once again at your service! We are here to help make making Pesach as easy and simple as possible. SAVE THE DATE: THIS WEEK’S PASSOVER SERVICE: April 4: 10:00am-1:00pm Doctor on premises April 4: 11:00am-3:00pm: Rabbis to answer your questions April 4: 1:00pm-4:00pm: Pharmacist on premises April 5: 2:00pm-7:00pm…

Success at First ever “Pesach in a Nutshell” event-

Community | March 31st, 2017

Canada’s Kosher Certifier in conjunction with the Jewish Community Council of Montreal held their first annual Pesach in a Nutshell on Sunday March 26th, exceeding all expectations. Montreal’s reputation for being a more traditional and knowledgeable city was born out by the enthusiastic crowd and stimulating exchanges.   Fielding a vast array of real-life, real-time…