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Community | April 21st, 2017

The creative minds at Canada’s Kosher Certifier coined this year’s theme #ezpassover, focusing on helping consumers across Canada keep Passover in a simple and Kosher way.   Although Passover comes along each year, except for the seders and Haggadah which don’t change, everything else is up for grabs. Many, many products, from food to medicine…

New Food Court at the Jewish General Hospital in Pavilion K

Kosher, Articles of Interest, Community, New certifications | April 21st, 2017

Carrefour Lea Polansky – The Food Court at the Jewish General Hospital in Pavilion K   Bright, open, spacious, clean, natural sunlight, delicious food, warm ambiance… Guess where you are eating? If you said the food court in Pavilion K at the Jewish General Hospital you read the title. Otherwise you would never have figured…

Kashering Service! This Wednesday!

Community | April 2nd, 2017

Once again, Canada’s Kosher Certifier will be having a Kashering service for the public, this Wednesday in the back parking lot of our headquarters. The Kashering procedure will be overseen by the Vaad Ha’Rabbonim. Preparation for Kashering is very important. Be sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the necessary preparations. Before coming to Canada’s Kosher Certifier…