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Le Plezl: A Kosher Haven in the Heart of Downtown Montreal

Articles of Interest | February 21st, 2018

Centrally located in the heart of downtown Montreal, one Kosher restaurant operates with the purpose of servicing the many Jewish customers who call the area home, and those who are located in the area for work and school. Situated in the basement of Chabad at McGill, the dairy restaurant Le Plezl, seeks to be an…

L’Orchidee – The Millennial and The Baby-Boomer

Articles of Interest | February 20th, 2018

What does a millennial have in common with a baby-boomer? After all, the age difference is substantial. The answer is delicious food bursting with flavor, artfully plated with the most architecturally precise care, brought to you by L’Orchidee, Montreal’s rising star caterer. The Players Shua Lurie is the millennial, his skills honed over the past…

Rediculously Delicious! Grandma Emily

Articles of Interest | December 18th, 2017

Grandma Emily You decided to eat a healthy breakfast so you put some yogurt into a bowl and sprinkle it with Grandma Emily’s Almond Vanilla Super Crunch Granola. Just as you sit down the doorbell rings. After a lengthy conversation, you go back to your breakfast, thinking that the granola will now be one big…