• Thu, February 23, 2017
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Tradition Catering and Exception MK developing Gluten Free Challah

According to http://www.jewishceliacs.com/jcn_celiacfaqs.php in their recent Newsletter, Ashkenazi Jews of American descents have a high rate of Celiac Disease.


It was based on this information and many requests from our clients that Tradition Catering and Exception MK have decided to begin developing a Gluten-Free Challah. Dalia Giorgi, says, “We are making a Gluten free Challah because we are finding many of our customers are trying to eat gluten free! Ever since the release of the book, “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, people are on this craze and it has reached us for sure. They come to the store, buy a Challah for the table, and sadly tell me that they will not be eating it though because they are staying away from Gluten. We want them to have their Challah and eat it too!!”



Our development stage is the key. Tradition Catering and Exception MK want to make sure that they have the right mix. Dalia Giorgi continues to comment on this by saying, “The Challah we are selling currently is low in Gluten; there is still a small amount of flour in it. It tastes like a very, very light Challah. The consistency is obviously not the same but it is quite good!



Our head baker is still trying to perfect a 100% Gluten Free Challah recipe to meet our standards, with no flour at all.”


Tradition Catering and Exception MK strive to make it available to everyone. Dalia says, “It does cost a bit more. Our regular and whole wheat Challahs are $4.00 each, these will be the same price as our multigrain Challahs, which are $4.75.



Tradition Catering and Exception MK will release their bread to the public according to Dalia Giorgi, “We should be releasing the newest of our Challahs a couple of weeks after Passover so mid Aprilish.”





We now have Gluten Free Challahs for Sale! Come and See us today!


Tradition Catering / Exception

Address: 5427 Robert Burns, Cote St. Luc, Quebec H4W 2B4

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