• Thu, February 23, 2017
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By Lori Cohen


Silver Lake Vodka, a small, family-run business out of Simcoe, Ontario, makes one of the smoothest premium vodkas on the market.


“That’s not my opinion,” said Didi Nwagbo, sales manager for the brand. “That’s what the LCBO says. The LCBO has one of the highest testing standards in the world. Companies send their products from all over the world to be rated by the LCBO, so if you’ve made it there, you’ve made it everywhere!”


Now this premium- rand vodka will be available to kosher consumers. “There was a lot of interest from members of the Jewish community—restaurateurs and bar service owners-who wanted our product to be kosher, “said Nwagbo. “Silver Lake will be the first premium kosher vodka in the marketplace.” Because it’s made from corn, Silver Lake Vodka is also gluten-free.


The quality of a vodka is judged by its smoothness: the smoother, the better. Silver Lake is rated one of the best-tasting vodkas on the market. In fact, this small, boutique distillery will be expanding to meet demand. Right now Silver Lake produces 10-20,000 bottles of vodka per week; they are hoping to bring production up to 100,000 per week.


Silver Lake was brought to the -Canada’s Kosher Certifier by a local restaurant owner. The company has been dealing with Rabbi Jaffe, and in Nwagbo’s words, “It’s been a very smooth process, and has only taken a couple of months.” Their agent in Quebec is IsraVin, who will be responsible for getting Silver Lake Vodka into SAQ stores, as well as to kosher restaurants and bar services. The vodka will retail for approximately $36- $37.00/bottle through the SAQ. According to Nwagbo, this is not expensive for premium vodka, which usually retail for closer to $50.00.


Quebec will not be the last stop on the distribution road. The company is also looking to sell in Israel, as well as New York State. “We’ve even had inquiries from the Jewish community in Mexico,” said Nwagbo. “As a specialty premium vodka, with kosher certification, all markets are open to us.”


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