• Thu, February 23, 2017
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Although Passover has come and gone, we would be remiss if we did not share what an incredible community holiday this was, with MK - CANADA'S KOSHER CERTIFIER at the helm.


Passover Magazine

The Passover Magazine was a resounding success with over 20,000 copies distributed throughout Canada. For the first time in recent history MK ran out of copies, simply unable to keep up with the demand.


The pullout Kosher Guide, a phenomenal and ingenious addition to the magazine, truly helped people with their Passover shopping needs. A first in Canada, the guide was inserted into the magazine and will no doubt be emulated by other organizations. MK is continuously seeking new ways to serve the Jewish community.


Once the magazines hit the streets the phones began ringing without stop. Thousands of questions were fielded from all across Canada and beyond.

Professionals Available

MK is proud to be the only certifier worldwide with a pharmacist on call for an entire day to answer the many diverse and important questions that people had. Together with a doctor who also came in for a day and the Rabbis who were always available, there were simply not enough phone lines to field the calls.


Community Kosher Service

MK offers a Kashering Service across the island of Montreal and beyond. Hundreds of people from every area in the city came out to kosher their dishes, cutlery, silverware, etc. Every item was thoroughly checked for cleanliness and then given to Rabbis to kosherize.


Security was of uppermost importance as massive vats of boiling water are used. No one was allowed near the water to ensure the safety of everyone present.


Social Media

The phones were not the only method people used to ask questions. Thousands of questions came in via email, Facebook and Twitter. MK prides itself that these questions were answered virtually as they came in, so there was no backlog.

Passover App

The Passover section of the MK App was fired up. Untold numbers of people took advantage of finding answers to their many questions by using this very informative app.

Kosher Minute

Another innovation of MK were the PASSOVER MINUTE VIDEOS. These videos featured venerate Rabbi's from the Beth Din, including the Chief Rabbi of Montreal, Rav Weiss, sharing Passover halachot (laws), practical knowledge and other important pointers geared solely to helping the diverse Jewish community.


MK was able to keep track of the numbers of people watching the videos, learning that some of the videos had over 10,000 views. This will become a regular feature for Passover as it is obviously a very important community service.


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