• Thu, February 23, 2017
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New Sushi Place! Saizen

Saizen Sushi Bar (located on Decarie near Queen Mary) is serving delicious sushi in their new, modern, upscale sushi bar.


Owned jointly by Joseph Bodokh and world-renowned Sushi Chef Bal, Saizen Sushi opened its doors in late December 2015. Upon entering the establishment, clients are treated to a calm atmosphere, the walls and furniture painted in soft hues of gold, brown, black and grey.


Joseph has been working in the food industry for over fourteen years and, upon receiving a phone call from Chef Bal asking if he would consider partnering with him in a new venture, jumped at the offer. The time had come he said, for him to work for himself.


One of the features of the restaurant is the multi-level ceiling. This creates a kind of sound barrier, ensuring that diners enjoy their meal in a quiet, relaxed ambiance. The restaurant seats sixty, is open for lunch and dinner and delivers orders. Another aspect of Saizen Sushi is that it will stay open late, closing at 11:00 p.m. This is an ideal spot for Sheva Brochot, a family party or to meet a business associate.


They are located at 5177 Decarie Boulevard just south of Queen Mary. You can reach them by phone at 514-903-0505 or on their website, www.saizensushi.com. Reservations are recommended.





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