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MK's Interactive Passover Magazine Launch

12 March 2015


MK – Canada’s Kosher Certifier, recently held an upbeat, elbow to elbow launch of their extraordinary, first-ever interactive Passover magazine in Canada. Anyone lucky enough to have been there saw first-hand what creative minds can accomplish.


The elegant evening, held in their offices, was well-stocked with sumptuous food, both hot and cold, delicious desserts and plenty of talk about this unbelievable endeavor.


The boardroom at the offices of MK were ringed with huge posters of fourteen different pages in the magazine, each one with the Zappar app. People downloaded the app onto their phones and then walked around the room, mesmerized by what they saw. Pages literally coming to life, jumping out at you with stories, videos on how to kosher anything, a form to sell your chometz and much more. After giving a short demonstration, Rabbi Saul Emanuel thanked Goldie Zweig, MK’s in-house graphic designer for finding this app and then taking it, with the help of the inventors, to the next level which in turn took their magazine to the next level.


People mingled in the lobby area for a long time discussing this historic magazine. The evening was a great success, with many board members, press and other dignitaries present. The magazine will be available next week either delivered to your door or in your local grocery store.







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