• Tue, February 28, 2017
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MK & Walmart Celebrate Chanuka

Last year, the Walmart store located on the corner of Decarie and Jean-Talon teamed up with the MK to launch a special Chanukah section, and this year they are expanding the project with a larger selection of Kosher food and Chanukah items, in addition to the increase of kosher products available in Walmart (including a fridge dedicated to Chalav Yisroel products).


Already, one can find candles, Dreidels, Chanukah cards, games and other Kosher products associated with Chanukah. On Sunday, November 24th, a few days before Chanuka, as well as Sunday, December 1st, a special table with Chanuka Menorahs and goodies will be set up at the front of the store, manned by the MK, welcoming customers and making them aware of this great Holiday.


“The MK is extremely proud to be associated with this initiative,” said Rabbi Saul Emanuel in a press release.


“Here in our Decarie Wal-Mart store, we are very proud to play a role in this special holiday of Chanukah for our Jewish customers,” added Parisa Ansari, store manager at Walmart. “We will do our best to improve selection and availability at the best price possible every year. Happy Chanukah.”


By Zvi Hershcovich


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