• Tue, February 28, 2017
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MK releases Canada's Passover magazine

Written By Zvi Herschkowitz,Bill 613




Last year, MK Canada's Kosher Certifier revolutionized kosher magazines by introducing animated features that literally pop off the pages, and this year they've outdone themselves again with the release of their new Passover magazine, available in stores and Shuls across the country.


The bilingual (English and French) magazine features the standard Pesach guide which covers every possible aspect of the holiday from cleaning and Bedikas Chometz to Kashering, a Seder outline and Chol HaMoed trips across Canada. A Sefirah supplement is also included, as is a diabetic digest. A cleaning companion resource provides life hacks to stress-free Pesach cleaning room by room, item by item. In the magazine one can also find Pesach recipes, stories, commonly asked questions and a fun filled kids section.


Once again the Zappar app is back, providing animation and fun straight off the pages of the magazine. To experience the Zapping you must download the Zappar app. Then, when you come across a Zappar lightning bolt symbol on any page in the magazine, aim your phone or device at the symbol and watch as it comes to life with videos, games and stories, making for an interactive magazine, the first of its kind in the Jewish world.


New features this year includes a parenting section which includes 12 kid-friendly Pesach questions, a special remembrance section to commemorate the Holocaust (in the spirit of "Vehigadeta Lebincha), local schools involvement with the magazine, Out of Egypt and other Living Legacy videos that one can watch through the Zappar app, and many new activities including an Exodus newspaper written at the time the Jews were allowed to leave Egypt.


"This magazine covers all information pertaining to Pesach," said Rabbi Saul Emanuel. "It's the one stop magazine for all Passover information."


"We're proud that we were able to include people of all ages and stripes throughout the creation of this magazine," added Goldie Zweig, who coordinated and designed the magazine.


Once again, the MK was a trendsetter with an innovative new concept: a pull out shopping guide.


"With the all new pullout section we have answered the consumer creating a much simpler Passover experience," explained Rabbi Emanuel, who pointed out that in the past readers had difficulties carrying the magazine with them into stores. The pull out section allows shoppers to carry the shopping guide into stores in their purse and prepare for the holiday with less stress.


A special website featuring downloadable versions of the magazine, video guides explaining how to use Zappar and a form you can fill out to have any Pesach related question answered by someone from Montreal's Vaad HaRabbonim. You can also order a copy of the magazine directly to an address anywhere in Canada.


Once again, the MK is setting the standard for Passover magazines, making it easier for Jews of all backgrounds to experience Yetzias Mitzrayim and enjoy a stress-free Yom Tov.


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