• Tue, February 28, 2017
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MK at Kosherfest 2015

Thousands of food industry representatives from around the globe made their way to Meadowlands, an exposition center in New Jersey for the annual Kosherfest food show.


Approximately 6000 people attended and browsed through the 400 booths at the show.


Kosherfest takes place at a time of continued growth for the kosher food industry. Industry sources say that 2014 saw an approximate 10% -12% national growth with areas like New York and New Jersey showing near 15% growth.


Today, "kosher" is no longer just a jewish people item, its way beyond that. The Kosher food industry is estimated to generate more than $17 billlion in sales.


Canada's Kosher Certifier was proud to take part in this show. With a state of the art booth, hundreds of kosher buyers and companies alike came by to talk to MK representatives with questions and feedback regarding the MK certification. "We were proud to see some of our own companies present and were happy to hear tremendous feedback on the highly acclaimed MK mark" said MK Director Rabbi Saul Emanuel.


Canadian companies and companies all across the globe are happy to be under the MK growing umbrella.










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