• Thu, February 23, 2017
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At the SIAL show this year, the MK booth was once again a great attraction. Many people stopped by to visit the MK booth and to obtain information regarding Kosher certification. The newly designed double booth attracted manufactures and attendees who are aware of the great reputation which Canada’s Kosher Certifier has both in North America and around the world. Many manufacturers inquired about the possibility of obtaining MK Kosher certification, whilst attendees questioned what is involved in certifying a company as Kosher. Many companies who are already MK certified, proudly displayed the MK banner at their booth to people passing by, showing the high level of certification which they achieved.


The International Pavilion showed much interest in importing products from Canada, bearing the MK mark. Many questions were responded to with follow-ups taking place at companies. The SIAL staff, in their usual courteous manner, voiced their satisfaction with the presence of the MK and at having such an upstanding Kosher certifying agency attend this prestigious show. Again, as in previous years, the MK was proud to be part of the SIAL Canada Show and to see the many MK products in the various showcases throughout the pavilion.




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