• Tue, February 28, 2017
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Kimly Kosher

Crispy egg rolls with scrumptious plum sauce; heavenly noodles with beef, secret sauce, fresh mushrooms and veggies all tossed together in a wok; delicious General Tao chicken and a specialty beef and mushroom dish. These few items are a minute part of the menu in KIMLY, the newest kosher restaurant in the Quartier Cavendish food court.


Doudou Dahan (also the owner of the KOSHER PIZZA BAR in the food court), the warm and affable owner has a motto: Kosher doesn’t have to be expensive. As a Jewish restauranteur, his goals are twofold: to change the mindset of those who eat out and to make the experience affordable. He puts his money where his mouth is: As an incentive for people to eat kosher Chinese food, he offers a free drink with your meal as well as keeping his prices down.


He is generous to a fault, serving plentiful and eye-pleasing portions, trying and succeeding in branding eating kosher in a new way. If it is affordable, which it is in his establishment, they will come.


KIMLY will shortly be catering and in answer to the many requests Doudou has received, will be creating a special Shabbos menu.


He lives by the adage that if something doesn’t go well, simply change it. Right now there’s nothing to change – eating there is satisfying in both taste and presentation. And if you can’t get there, don’t worry - KIMLY will deliver to wherever you are located.


KIMLY is open Motzei Shabbos until 11:30 pm. Try vanilla cherry coke – it’s free with your meal! Stay tuned for something that no one has tried before… his chef will be recreating a dish from China for the first time in Canada.


No matter where you live – Cote St. Luc, Ville St. Laurent, Tosh, uptown or downtown, KIMLY is THE PLACE FOR CHINESE FOOD.











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