• Thu, February 23, 2017
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Israel Hatzalah Emergency Campaign


Jewish Community Council of Montreal Launches Israel Hatzalah Emergency Campaign


Dear Friend,


The pain and heartbreak that Israeli Hatzalah first responders have to deal with on a daily basis in every part of the country is almost unbearable. The least we can do from here in the Diaspora is protect them physically and give them the tools necessary to save lives.


As such, THE JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF MONTREAL has partnered with UNITED HATZALAH OF ISRAEL to raise funds for desperately needed trauma bags and bullet-proof vests for their volunteers on the frontline. Israel must have all the tools it needs to save precious Jewish lives.


We hope that you will share this on social media and help us promote this any way you can. Let’s make a communal combined effort to raise money for as many bullet-proof vests and trauma bags as possible for those who put themselves selflessly in danger.


May the merit of this great Mitzvah, stand us all in good stead and may all of us be blessed with peace and harmony now.


DONATE TOWARDS THESE ITEMS NOW: http://israelrescue.org/jccm


Yours Sincerely,


Rabbi Saul Emanuel

Executive Director


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