• Tue, February 28, 2017
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At the top of the escalator in Decarie Square one is met with a slick, clean, light blue and white upscale restaurant called Elna Bistro. It has become the go-to place for to meet a friend for breakfast or lunch, a meeting, a private conversation or for no reason other than that their food is spectacular.


Begin breakfast with an absolutely delicious cappuccino coupled with an innovative breakfast wrap, to-die for cinnamon buns or crispy or French toast.


Going for lunch? Try the salad bar at a great price, always fresh with a wide array of vegetables and other accoutrements to choose from. Looking for pasta, soup, fish, fantastic sandwiches or panini? Elna has it all. In fact, one never knows what will change as they switch their menu daily.


Ever try poutine? If you did, it's nothing like Elna makes. Imagine Greek poutine or peanut butter dumpling poutine? They are always thinking up interesting combinations and have a poutine flavor of the week.


Aside from their cappuccino, they have a wide array of lattes, including vanilla. Most of their specialty coffees are served with skim milk and they boast, with great pride, they are the only bistro with a Cholov Yisroel Nespresso machine.


MK - CANADA'S KOSHER CERTIFIER is very proud to certify Elna Bistro!


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