• Tue, February 28, 2017
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Chez Benny


The dust has settled and the facts are in. Here’s the scoop on Chez Benny.


An article recently appeared in a French newspaper here in Montreal about Chez Benny. They were cited for cleanliness violations. Keep reading because you will be very interested in the next few sentences of this story.


First of all, those citations were over a year old and had been dealt with.


Secondly, after checking on the Ville de Montreal’s website where all restaurants and other eating establishments are listed for violations it was discovered that at that time, there were many, many other places with the same or much worse violations. High-end places, coffee bars, resto-bars, you name it.


Of all the places listed, the author of the article that appeared in the paper singled out only the kosher establishment and made sure it went on the front page of his paper.


Someone did an unannounced tour of the restaurant this past week and found that that Chez Benny just had a surprise visit from the city and received a clean bill of health.


The sleuth checked every part of the restaurant – including the parts the public does not see and reported that it is clean, very, very clean. Montreal prides itself on having many outstanding kosher restaurants in every price range. What sets us apart from other cities is that we support our restaurants, enabling them to stay in business for many years.


Chez Benny’s owners are a hard-working, honest couple. They take pride in their restaurant, in the food they serve and most of all, they care about their customers.


The nine days is beginning this Friday and Chez Benny will be closed until Monday July 27.


Once they reopen take the time to support Chez Benny. Go eat there. Take a tour of the kitchen. Ask to see any part of the place you want. Stay tuned for a surprise announcement once he reopens!


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