• Tue, February 28, 2017
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Albany students visit the Vaad

Under the guidance of Rabbi Rubin of Albany, New York, students of the Mesifta in Albany visited the Vaad Ha’ir this past week. During the visit, they were briefed by Rabbi Saul Emanuel in regards to the workings of the Vaad, and the different departments administrated by the organization. The students asked questions about Kashrus and were shown the Kashrus department in full swing.


They were then introduced to Mr. Saul Deitcher, the chairman of the board. On seeing Rabbi Rubin, Mr. Deitcher mentioned the fond memories that he had of Rabbi Rubin’s late father and mentioned how pleased he was to have such a tour from a city outside of Montreal. Rabbi Rubin responded by saying that Montreal is extremely unique and the achdus/unity of the community is indeed impressive.




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